Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and followed the Jewish Almanac.  I appreciated the feedback and advice I got from everyone.   It was  a great learning experience for me, both in terms of preparing the content, and in getting to share Torah in the digital age.

However, there were some pitfalls that I could have noticed had I thought about it.  They are mistakes that I hope to avoid in my next project, Cloud Tent.

The issues the Jewish Almanac had were:

1.  A lot of effort involved in creating content that did not have re-usability.

One of the great aspects of the web, is the ability for developers to make once and have it used many times.  The nature of a daily almanac is the content only has utility for that day.  I think it would be great if a Jewish organization with greater resources were to carry this project forward, but for an individual it was simply too much work.  This ties into the next element….

2.   Limited resources.

To do the history part well, I think, would require digging up letters and stories to bring the history to life.  Too often I was left reporting on events, when I felt that I should be getting at the heart of the story.

My next project, with God’s help, is a place for teachers to share online instructional videos that teach classic Jewish texts.  I am blessed with my own children, and nephews and nieces, who often need additional help at home understanding and reviewing the text that they learned that day in school.  I think something akin to the Khan Academy, khanacademy.org, but for Jewish studies could be of great value.  If you are interested in such a resource for your children, for yourself, or you are interested in teaching, please be in touch.


Thanks again.  I look forward to hopefully continuing to learn with, and from, so may of you.

Jeffrey Alhadeff

PS– To those of you on the iPhone App, I apologize for the app suddenly stopped working.  I didn’t realize that my terms of my subscription were such that the app would cease to function once I canceled my hosting plan.  I thought the hosting plan would continue for through the end of the month.  My mistake.