When the wicked man is asked, after death when he appears for judgement, “Why did you not study the Torah?” if he replies, “I was handsome, and was absorbed by my sins,” they will answer him, “Where you more handsome than Joseph?” It was said of Joseph the Righteous, that every day Potiphar’s wife used to try to seduce him with her talk. The clothes she used to put on in the morning (to attract his attention) she did not wear in the evening, and the clothes the wore in the evening she did not wear the next morning, and her refrain was always, “Listen to me; do what I ask of you.” He answered, “No.” She said: “I will imprison you.” He replied (Ps. 146:7): “The Lord releases the imprisoned.” She then said, “I will bend your stature.” His reply was (ibid.): “The Lord raises up those who are bowed down.” She said to him, “I will blind you.” He answered (ibid. 8): “The Lord causes the blind to see.”

She gave him a thousand talents of silver. He was averse to sleep with her, as it is stated (Gen. 39:10), “He did not listen to her, to lay with her, to be with her.” Meaning, “to lay with her” in this world, “to be with her” in the world to come.

Yoma Chapter 3


1 June in History

In 1942, the World Jewish Congress, based in New York, announces at a press conference that Eastern Europe is being turned into “a vast slaughterhouse for Jews.” Indeed, at the Belzec and Sobibór death camps, more than 23,000 Jews are gassed during June.

Starting in the first week of June, three thousand Jews at Pilica, Poland, are deported to Belzec, but several hundred manage to escape before the journey is complete.

19 Sivan in History

Rav Shmuel Hominer of Yerushalayim, author of Eved HaMelech on the Chumash, and Ikarai Dinim, a summary of the laws of loshon ha ra, or slanderous speech, with analysis. His also collected teachings on faith, titled Mitzvat HaBitachon. This book has been translated into English twice- once for a Jewish audience under the title, “The Command to Trust” and for a broader audience under the title “In you I Trust, Verses, Teachings, and Prayers of Jewish Tradition to Comfort and Inspire.”