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What is the source for the obligation for those who hear God’s praises to also respond with a praise?
Rabbi said, “It is written (Deut. 32:3), ‘When I call on the name of the Lord, ascribe greatness to our God.” Moses said to Israel, ‘When I mention the name of the Holy One, blessed be He, you should add greatness to it.’

Hananiah the son of R. Joshua’s brother said, ‘From the following verse [Prov. x. 7], ‘The memory of the just is blessed.’ That means, the prophet says to Israel, ‘When I mention the just One of the Worlds, you should add a blessing.’

Yoma Chapter 3


3 June in History

In 1361, in Spain orders are given for the construction of a Juderia (Jewish Quarter) in Tarazona. The Jewish Quarter is to be separated by walls from the Christian community. The Christians living where the Juderia is to be built were given property of the same value and relocated.

It was this day in 1888 that the Jewish Publication Society of America (JPS) was founded. Its purpose was and is to publish in English books of Jewish interest.

21 Sivan in History

Today is mentioned by some sources as the day Miriam, Moses’s sister was afflicted with Tzoraat, leprosy. Others maintain is was the 22nd or the 23rd of Sivan. The event was significant as it demonstrated the severity of slanderous speech.

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