On Love

The flames of the holy fire of love for God are always burning inside the soul. They heat the spirit and give clarity to life. There is no end of pleasure to those who enjoy it.

But how cruel can a person be to themselves, that they sink into physicality, thinking of the many calculations as to what they should do, but the real substance of living life, the fundamental pleasure, they have forgotten from their heart… a person continues on this path, which is against nature, the nature of the soul and the nature of all of existence.

The kindness of the Exalted One is destined to break through, and the holiness will create paths to pour pleasure in all of its colors, in its full exaltedness. “God, beside you, the eye has not seen that which you will do for those who hope to You” (Is. 34:3).

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaKohen Kook
Al HaMidot


9 June in History

1931, Birthday of comedian Jackie Mason. In addition to being a famed comedian, he is also one of the founders of an organization called One Jerusalem, which has the stated mission of “maintaining a united Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel”.

27 Sivan in History

Rabbi Chananya ben Tradyon, one of the “Ten Martyrs” was killed on this date. When the Romans discovered him teaching the outlawed Torah they wrapped him in a Torah scroll, piled bundles of twigs around him, and before setting him afire they placed damp woolen cloths on him to prolong the agony of being burned to death.

As the flames engulfed him, his disciples asked him, “Master, what do you see?” Rabbi Chananya replied: “I see a scroll burning, but the letters flying up to Heaven.