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The appointed person who walked the goat to Azazel, on the Day of Atonement, was offered food and water at rest stops along the path.

Yet no one ever needed the food or the water. If no one ever took, why was it offered?

Since you can not compare one who has bread in his basket to one who does not have bread in his basket.

Rashi: The person who does not have bread in his basket is incomparably more hungry.

Yoma Chapter 5


4 July in History

In 1788, Benjamin Franklin was too sick and weak to get out of bed, but the Independence Day parade in Philadelphia marched right under his window. And, as Franklin himself had directed, ‘the clergy of different Christian denominations, with the Rabbis of the Jews, walked arm in arm.’

22 Tammuz in History

Today is the Yahrziet of Rabbi Shlomo (1738-1792), Chassidic Rebbe in the town of Karlin, Russia (near Pinsk), was killed in the pogroms which accompanied the Polish uprising against Russia.

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