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They (the Sages of of the post first Temple exile time period) said, “Since it is a time of favor(from Heaven), they would pray that the inclination for sexual desire be handed over to them too. They prayed, and he was delivered to them.

It was said to them, “Take heed. If you kill this spirit, the world will perish.” They kept him imprisoned three days. They sought in all Palestine an egg laid on that day. They could not find. They said among themselves, What should we do? If we will kill him, the world will perish. Should we pray for the half (that desire should exist only in legal cases)? We have a tradition that a half is not given from Heaven; so they put out his eyes, and left him.

Since then the inclination for sexual does not excite desire toward relatives.

Yoma Chapter 7


6 July in History

On 6 July 2008 Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Wiesenthal Center’s chief Nazi-hunter, headed to South America as part of a public campaign to capture the most wanted Nazi in the world, Aribert Heim, also known as “Dr. Death” and bring him to justice, claiming that Heim was alive and hiding in Patagonia, either in Chile or Argentina. Dr. Zuroff elaborated on July 15, 2008 that he was sure Heim was alive and the groundwork had been laid to capture him within weeks.

Heim is alleged to have lived for many years in Cairo, Egypt under the alias of Tarek Farid Hussein and reportedly died there on August 10, 1992. His grave and body have not been found. At the end of a BBC documentary, broadcast 12 September 2009, it was stated that German Police visited Cairo in 2009 but found no evidence of Heim’s death.

24 Tammuz in History

In 1099 CE, when the crusaders captured Jerusalem during the First Crusade, the Jews of Jerusalem fled into a synagogue. The crusaders then set flame to the synagogue, burning alive all the Jewish men, women, and children who had taken refuge there. All Jews were barred from living in the city of Jerusalem for the following 88 years.

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