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My nation has done me two wrongs,
They left me;
The source of living waters.
They have gone to hew cisterns,
Broken cisterns,
Which hold no water.

Is Israel a slave?
Is he property of a house?

Why then, is he taken as plunder?

Jermiah 2:13


9 July in History

In 1976, The Jerusalem Post reported on the tragic fate of Dora Bloch, who held both British and Israeli citizenship, and who remained at a Ugandan hospital after all the other hijacked Israelis were freed by the Entebbe IDF operation. She ominously disappeared from the hospital after having been visited by a British official, one day after the Israeli raid, and was suspected of having been later murdered. Israel cited this case at the UN as an apparent example of Ugandan complicity in the high jacking of the Air France plane.

10 July in History

In 1882, 250 Jewish exiles arrived in St. Louis, MO. These European refugees, who have terrible tales to tell about their treatment in the Old World, are destitute so they are being cared for by a local committee of their coreligionists.

27 Tammuz in History

Today is the Yahrziet of Rav Yaakov Adess, born in Yerushalayim (1898-1963), the youngest of his father’s four sons. He received his early education from his father, Rav Avraham Chaim Adess. In 1910, his father placed him in Yeshivas Ohel Moed, where he learned under Rav Raphael Shlomo Laniado and Rav Yosef Yedid Halevi. There, he stayed as magid shiur from 1920-1923, when the yeshiva closed.

He moved with Rav Laniado to Porat Yosef, first as magid shiur and later as Rosh Yeshiva. Most of his writings on the Talmud were destroyed when the Jordanians captured the Old City in 1948. At the end of 1945, Rav Adess was appointed as Av Beit Din, Head of Rabbinical Court, in Yerushalayim. In 1955, he was chosen to serve on the Chief Rabbinate’s Beit Din Hagodol.

28 Tammuz in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Moshe Teitelbaum, Av Beit Din of Ujhely, Hungary (1759-1841), author of Yismach Moshe, founder of Satmar and Sighet dynasties. He was a direct descendent of the Rema.

He served as Rav and Av Beit Din of Shinova at the age of 26. He made a shiduch with his only daughter to a disciple of the renowned Chasidic leader, the Choseh of Lublin, and shortly thereafter became of follower himself.

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