“The Manna was like Gad(Num).”

What is Gad? The Sages say [Gad] refers to the words of Agadah {notice the phonetic similarity} (the parables and ethical teachings of the Talmud) for they draw a person’s heart like water [is drawn from a well.]

Yoma Chapter 8


5 August in History

In 1264, Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Arnstadt Germany.

In 1885, Herzl withdrew from the court service in order to become a writer.

25 Av in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Yeshayahu Menachem ben Yitzchak of Cracow, the originator of the form of the Heter Iska, which allows Jews to enter into business agreements and charge interest, rather than consider granting the money as a loan, where interest would not allowed to be charged.