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Rabbi Yohanan had scurvy. He went to a matron of Rome. She did something to relieve him on a Thursday and the eve of Sabbath. He asked her, “What should I do on the Sabbath?” She said, “You will not need to do anything.”

He said, But if it wasn’t the Sabbath, should I should do something?” She said, “Swear to me that you will not tell of it to anyone, then I will tell you.”

After this, when she had told him, he went and lectured about it to everybody. But he had sworn not to tell? He had sworn, “To the God of Israel I will not tell”; but to the people of Israel he could.

But wasn’t this deception was a profanation of God’s name? He had told her immediately: I had sworn not to say it to God, but to Israel I would.

Yoma Chapter 8


22 August in History

In 1938, Yonah Israelovitch, a 36 year old laborer was shot to death by Arab snipers who fired on a bus near Tel Aviv that was carrying workers to Holon while firefighters in Jerusalem fought to contain a blaze in a Jewish owned lumberyard started by Arab arsonists that threatened to spread to nearby petroleum storage tanks owned by Standard Oil. Authorities found the bodies of three Arabs on the Acre-Safed road with a note pinned to the victims written in Arabic that state ā€œSo may it be done traitors.ā€ The dead bodies with the note attach appear to be part of a campaign by Arab terrorists to intimidate those in their community who do not support their aims and/or tactics.

12 Elul in History

Birth of Nachmanides (“Ramban”, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, 1194-1270) — Torah scholar, Kabbalist, philosopher, physician and Jewish leader — in Gerona, Spain, in the year 4954 from creation.

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