The rabbis taught, “The Sabbath is superseded when life is threatened; and with more alacrity this is done, the greater the person is to be praised. Permission from Beth Din (the Rabbinical court) need not be taken to try to save a life.

How so? If a child is seen to have fallen into the sea, it should be fished out for immediately; and the sooner one does this, the more praiseworthy he is; and no permission from Beth Din is to be taken for it, even if in the process he will take up in the net some fish (fishing is not allowed on the Sabbath).

Yoma Chapter 8


24 August in History

In 1936, three United States Senators, Royal S. Copeland of New York, Warren Austin of Vermont and Daniel Hastings of Delaware, marked the second day of their tour of Palestine which had begun in Jerusalem.

14 Elul in History

Today, the oldest existing ketuba (marital contract) was written in the Western Hemisphere, 1643 (Yitzchak and Yehudit).