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Rabbi Yonatan son of Joseph said, “How do we know that the Sabbath should be violate to save a person’s life? The Torah states, (Ex. xxxi. 14) “For it is holy to you.” To you: The Sabbath is for you, but not you for the Sabbath.”

Rabbi Simeon son of Menasseh says, “It is written (ibid. 16): ‘And the children of Israel should keep the Sabbath.’ The Torah states: Violate one Sabbath, that you may keep many Sabbaths.”

Rabbi Jehudah said, “Samuel has said, “If I had been there, I would have said a thing better than this; namely, it is written (Lev. xviii. 5): “You should keep my statutes . . . which, if a man do, he should live by them.” He shall live by them, but not die because of them.”

Yoma Chapter 8


26 August in History

In 1920, the 19th amendment to United States Constitution takes effect, giving women the right to vote. Numerous Jewish women were active in the “suffragette movement” including Rose Schenidermann who was the leader of New York City’s Women’s Suffragette Party and the untold numbers of “Jewish women garment works who represented the very core of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

16 Elul in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Avraham Landau, the Strikover Rebbe of Bnei Brak (1917-2001). Born in Kinov, in the Ostrovtze region of Poland. His father, Rav Yaakov Yitzchak Dan, served as rabbi of the city.

Avraham was raised by his grandfather, Rav Elimelech Menachem Mendel. At the age of 13, Avraham began to study in the Chachmei Lublin yeshiva. When the 2nd World War broke out, he was at his parents’ home and he fled with his father to Lodz, from which the family fled to Warsaw, and from there, at the directive of his father, Avraham fled to Baranowitz.

A week after his arrival in Baranowitz he fled to Vilna, during Chanukah 1939. There, he began to study under the Griz (Rav Velvel Soloveitchik) of Brisk.

In 1946, he married a great-granddaughter of the Chiddushei Harim of Gur. After their marriage he learned that his father and eight of his siblings had perished in the Holocaust, and that only he and his sister remained alive from the entire Strikover dynasty.

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