The Day of Atonement atones for a sin against God; but does not atone for a sin against another person until that person has been appeased.

Rabbi Eliezer son of Azariah explained, “It is written (Lev. 16:30), “From all your sins before God will you be cleansed [on the Day of Atonement].’ Meaning, the sin towards God, the Day of Atonement atones for; but sins toward man, the Day of Atonement cannot atone for till the neighbor has been appeased.

Yoma Chapter 8


31 August in History

In 1909, Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich began the first chemotherapy when with his assistant Sahachiro Hato, a rabbit infected with syphilis was injected with “Preparation 606.” This number marked the 606th chemical devised and tested by Ehrlich’s team at his Frankfort laboratory. The compound was so successful that the sores on the rabbit promptly healed. The term “chemotherapy” meaning therapy with chemicals, was coined by Erhlich.

21 Elul in History

Today (or tomorrow according to some) marks the passing of Rav Yaakov HaLevi ben Moshe Moellin (the Maharil). Born in Mainz, Germany, he was the primary disciple of Rav Shalom of Neustadt. The Maharil authored Minhagei Maharil, the primary source of Minhagei Ashkenaz, cited frequently by the Rema in Shulchan Aruch. The Maharil lived through the mass slaughter of Jews in Austria in 1420 and the Hussite wars in 1421, which brought suffering to the Jews of Bavaria and the Rhine.