There is a merit in tying the Lulab. However, is it valid if it is untied?

The Rabbis maintain, there is merit when it it is tied because it is nicer when tied.

Being nicer is a value, based on the verse (Ex. 25.:2) “This is my God, and I will beautify Him” means, “beautify your religious performances for the God’s sake.”

Sukkah Chapter 1


Today in 357 B.C.E., birthdate of Alexander the Great. Alexander’s eastern conquests would bring the Jews in contact with Greek Culture. The conflict between Greek and Jewish values would become a dominant motif in Jewish history over the next several centuries.

12 Tishrei marks the passing of Rabbi Abraham (1740-1776) the son of Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch and study partner of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi; known as “Rabbi Abraham the Angel” for his saintliness and ascetism.