Anything which can become impure, or does not grow from the ground, can not be used as the covering (Sechah) for the Sukkah.

Where is this learnered from?

Reish Lakish said, (Gen. 2:6), “But there went up a mist from the earth.” Just as a mist is not subject to impurity, and ascends from the earth, so also must the Succah be a thing not subject to impurity, and grow from the earth.

Yomah Chapter 1


20 September in History

In 1884, the Society of United Hebrew Charities met at Wheatly Hall in Philadelph to discuss the additional stress being place on its limited resources due to the huge influx of Russian immigrants.

13 Tishrei in History

Today marks the passing of Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1761-1837), outstanding Talmudist and Halachic authority.