In all intellectual pursuits, in all religious philosophies, we see only an expansion of the inner point of faith. Clear, natural awe of heaven, in order to expand its natural boundaries, to open the power that is stored in it, requires many branches of study: actions and introspection, intellect and emotions.

Therefore, this is what the success of these pursuits depend on: that they be well connected to the living, natural point of faith in the soul of a person, which lightens the courageous souls of Israel in particular; this is the holy point of faith in God, the true foundation for awe of heaven. It is to this inner point of faith, in this inner drive, with alive and clear feeling, majestic and focused by all the strongest laws of life, that all the soul, with all its feelings, powers, ways, inclinations, be tied and clung with it.

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaKohen Kook

13 October in History

In 1796, censorship of Jewish books in Russia became official policy today

In 1843, B’nai Brith was founded under the leadership of Henry Jones at Sinsheimer’s cafe on Essex Street in New York. Its original mission was the maintenance of orphanages and homes for the elderly and widows. It extended its work to many spheres of American Jewish life, including combating anti-Semitism. (A.D.L.) and working with students on campus (Hillel).

5 Cheshvan in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Moshe Birdogo, son of Rav Avraham. Rav Moshe resided in western Morocco and was known as the Rosh Mashbir (1730)