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Why does Jacob say,
And Israel speak,
“My way is hidden from God;”
“My judgement will pass by my God.”

Do you now know?
Have you not heard?
The God of the universe, creator of heavens and earth,
Does not tire or wary.
There is no limit to His understanding.

He gives strength to the weary;
To him without drive He gives strength.

Youths will wary and grow tired.
The young will stumble and fall.

Those who trust in God will be changed into new strength.
They will spread wings like an eagle,
They will run and not tire,
The will walk and not wary.

Isaiah 40:27-31


15 October in History

In 1894, Col. Alfred Dreyfus was first arrested. This marked the start of what would become known as the Dreyfus Affair.

7 Cheshvan in History

During the Second Temple Era (circa 230 BCE), Cheshvan 7 was the date on which the Jew most distant from the Holy Temple — who resided on the banks of the Euphrates River, a 15-day journey’s distance from Jerusalem — arrived at his homestead upon returning from the Sukkot pilgrimage. All Jews would wait for this before beginning to pray for rain. Cheshvan 7 thus marked the return to everyday activities following the spirituality of the festival-rich month of Tishrei.

16 October in History

In 1649, the American colony of Maine passed legislation granting religious freedom to all its citizens, on condition that those of contrary religious persuasions behave acceptably. This early evidence of religious tolerance demonstrates while Jews would flourish in the land that would become the United States.

8 Cheshvan in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Menachem Nachum Kaplan (Nachumke) of Horodna, Lithuania (1811-1879). When he was nine years old, he lived in the home of Reb Yehuda Leib Ganker and learned with this wealthy man every morning.

Later, he wandered through Lithuania until he came to Amshina, where he studied under Rav Avraham Kahane. Eventually, he was accepted to the Mirrer yeshiva and became close to its mashgiach, Rav Yisrael Heller. He married the daughter of wealthy man, but after a number of years, his father-in-law died.

Poverty- stricken, Reb Nachumke took a job as a shamash in the Chevras Shas Beis Midrash in Korodna. However, his fame spread, and many throughout eastern Europe came to observe him and learn from him. Among those was the Chafetz Chaim, then only 15 years old.

It happened with R. Eliezer that he resided in Upper Galilea, and he was asked thirty Halakhoth about the law of Sukkah. To twelve he answered: So I have heard; and to eighteen he answered: I did not hear them.

R. Jose b. R. Jehudah says: On the contrary, to eighteen he answered: I have heard; and to twelve: I have not heard.

And they asked him: Are all your decisions only from what you have heard? He answered: You compelled me to tell you one thing which I had not heard from my Masters.

That is, never in my life came a man to the house of learning before me, I never slept in the house of learning for a long or a short time; I never left a man in the house of learning when I went away, I never talk about worldly affairs, and I never decided a thing which I had not heard from my Masters.

Sukkah Chapter 2


14 October in History

Germany withdrew from the League of Nations. This was the first of Hitler’s moves to overturn the Treaty of Versailles, which was in turn part of his plan to create his Jew free Third Reich.

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