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Thank you to everyone for you wishes and blessings. Thank God I am feeling better.


Natural faith, with natural strength and its songs of courage, need to return and be planted in field that is blessed by God, and is founded on Torah, so that is all becomes faith of Torah.

Then, all of the strength and courage will be refined and exalted, and will stand to be always elevated in purity and refinement.

That strength and courage will then be doubled through the purity and clarity that comes when Godliness walks and rings on the foundation of faith, through free will, the light of the Torah of God always “restores the soul.”

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaKohen Kook


20 October in History

In 1781 BCE, the Holy Roman Emperor, Joseph II of Austria issued the Patent of Toleration which was an edict extending to religious freedom to non-Catholic Christians living in the Habsburg Empire. The Jews would have to wait another year. In 1782 Joseph II issued the Patent of Toleration for the Jews of Lower Austria, thereby establishing the civic equality of his Jewish subjects.

12 Cheshvan in History

Yitzhak Rabin, Commander-in-Chief of the IDF during the Six Day War and later Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated on this date in 5756 (1995).

The monument marking the site of the assassination

On a personal note, Israeli friends tried to explain to me what this loss was to them: it was a loss of innocence.  Until that time, Israeli citizens could expect to walk up to the PM and have a conversation.  After the assassination, that innocence, and so much more, was lost.

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