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“A minor that not need the nursing of his mother is obligated in Sukkah.”

What is meant by this?

“A minor who can obey the call of nature without the aid of his mother.” So said the disciples of R. Yanai.

But Resh Lakish said, “A child that on awakening does not cry: Mother! mother!”

Sukkah Chapter 2



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1.  Which child is older?

2.  What does this argument say about our relationships to our mothers?


13 Cheshvan in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Haim Nahum Effendi (1872-1960). Served as Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Egypt (1925-1960).Rabbi Haim Nahum Effendi

He was witness both to a vibrant community of 80,000 Jews living in Egypt and also to the community’s disintegration after 1948 when government hostility, violence, economic restrictions, confiscation and deportation caused most Jews to leave. Born near Izmir in Turkey, he was sent by his parents to learn in a yeshiva in Tiveriya and later went to a French Lycee for his secondary education, obtaining a degree in Muslim law in Constantinople. He also attended the Sorbonne’s School of Oriental Languages, where he perfected his linguistic abilities and also studied history and philosophy.

In 1923, Rabbi Nahum received an invitation from Moise Cattaoui Pacha, head of the Jewish community in Cairo, to become the Chief Rabbi of Egypt and was appointed to serve as a Senator in the nation’s Legislative Assembly.

21 October in History

In 2002, a car packed with explosives pulled up to a bus in northern Israel during rush hour, igniting a massive fireball that killed 14 people along with two suicide attackers.

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