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If one is traveling, and has no Lulav, when he gets home he must shake it before his meal. If he has not done it in the morning, he must do it toward evening: the obligation may be done during the whole day.

Sukkah Chapter 3

2 November in History

In 1898, Theodore Herzl was part of a delegation of Jews who met with Kaiser Wilhelm II in Jerusalem. Herzlā€™s meeting with the Kaiser was part of his plan to rebuild the Jewish national home by gaining the support of leading political leaders. The Kaiser had his own agenda in the East. A settlement of German Jews in the Middle East would have provided him with leverage in dealing with the English in Egypt. But the Kaiser was afraid to give Herzl too much support lest he offend the Turks who ruled the ancient Jewish homeland.

In the end, Herzl accomplished much less with this meeting than he thought he had.

25 Cheshvan in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Elya Yurkanski (1908-2005). Born in Minsk, he and two brothers were smuggled over the order to Poland, on a recommendation by the Chafetz Chaim; Reb Elya was not yet a Bar Mitzvah, and he would never again see his parents. He spent almost 10 years in Baranovich with Rav Elchonon Wasserman before leaving for Mir in 1929. He traveled with the yeshiva to Shanghai and eventually join the yeshiva in New York, where he remained his entire life.

He was a Rosh Yeshiva with Mir for over 55 years.

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