The world view that be revieled in the future, when the world is renewed and is reveled in its new light, this is in truth the Israeli worldview even today.

Since this world view preceded time, it is not bound by time.

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaKohen Kook


24 November in History

In 1884, today is the birthdate of Yitzchak Ben-Zvi, the second President of Israel. After the death of Chaim Weitzman, Ben-Zvi was elected in 1952. He served until his death in April of 1963.

17 Kislev in History

In 348 BC, on this day, Ezra the Scribe went up to the Holy Temple and fasted, prayed, and cried in public. While he prayed and confessed, weeping and prostrating himself in front of the Temple, a large assemblage of men, women, and children gathered around him.

At that time, all of the assembled priests and Israelites swore to send away their non-Jewish wives. Ezra then issued a proclamation that all Jews residing in Israel should assemble in three days’ time in Jerusalem