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Charity is rewarded only according to the kindness with which it is done; as it is written: “Sow for yourselves righteousness, that you may reap kindness.” (Hosea 10:2)

Sukkah Chapter 4


29 November in History

In 1850, during his Thanksgiving Day sermon, Rabbi Morris Raphael rebuked New York’s Governor Clarke for issuing a proclamation inviting “only patriots and Christians to keep Thanksgiving.” At the same time, he commended Mayor Wood for inviting “all the people” to join in observing the holiday.

22 Kislev in History
Rabbi Eliezer ben Eliyahu Ashkenazi (1512-1585) was a highly regarded Talmudist, as well as a physician. He authored various works, including Ma’ase ha-Shem — a commentary on the historical portions of the Pentateuch, also including a commentary on the Passover Hagaddah — and Yosef Lekach.

In three things is the doing acts of kindness greater than charity: Charity is only with money, but acts of kindness is either with one’s money or with one’s person; charity is only to the poor, but acts of kindness is to poor and rich; charity is only for the living, but acts of kindness are both for the living and the dead.

Sukkah Chapter 4


30 November in History

In 1924, today is the birthdate of songwriter and humorist Allan Sherman author of the famous camp song that began, “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.”

23 Kislev in History

As the “Black Death” plague decimated Europe, Christians accused the Jews of causing the plague by poisoning the wells in an effort to wipe out the Gentile population.

On the 23rd of Kislev 5109 (Nov. 15, 1348), Rudolph of Oron, bailiff of Lausanne, sent a letter to the mayor of Strasburg informing him that certain Jews of Lausanne had “confessed” under torture that they together with their coreligionists had poisoned all the wells in the Rhine valley. This resulted in the masses persecuting and killing tens of thousands of Jews throughout Europe.


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