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Abayi said, “The evil inclination tempts scholars more than any one else.”

It once happened, Abayi heard a man say to a woman, “Let us rise early, and we will go on the road”; and Abayi thought, “I will follow them, and prevent them from a sin.” He went after them about three miles through reeds, and he heard them saying, “Our conversation has been very pleasant, and now we must take separate roads.”

Abayi said, “My enemy (evil inclination) would not have contained himself.” He leaned against the bolt of the door, and was very sorry that he would have been worse than a common man. And an old man came to him and taught him, “The greater a man is, the more is he tempted by the evil angel.”

Sukkah Chapter 5


26 December in History

In 1634, religious freedom was granted to Jews and Catholics in Brazil. This was the period of time when Brazil was under the control of the Dutch. Things would change in 1654 when Portugal took Recife, Brazil and the Jews were forced to flee.

19 Tevet in History

In a New Orleans fund-raising drive for Christians suffering persecution in Jerusalem, he gave ten times more than any other donor.  One profile of Touro particularly praised his willingness to give both to Jewish and non-Jewish religious causes: “An admirable trait evinced, was the unsectarian distribution of charity, while the donor ever continued a strict adherent to the principles of his faith.” His $20,000 donation to The Jews’ Hospital in New York City (now Mountain Sinai Hospital) led to its opening in 1855.

The 19th of Tevet the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of American Jewish philanthropist Judah Touro (1775-1854).