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Rabha said: In the beginning the evil inclination is called “traveller,” and then “guest,” and then “man,” as it is written in connection to King David’s sin with Bat Sheva [II Sam. xii. 4]: “There came a traveller to the rich man; and he felt compunction to take from his own flocks and from his own herds to dress for the guest that was come to him; but he took the ewe of the poor man, and dressed it for the man that was come to him”

Sukkah Chapter 5


2 January in History

In 1887, The Jewish Theological Seminary Association, the educational and spiritual center of Conservative Judaism, opened under the leadership of Saba Morais. Morais, a Rabbi of Congregation Mikve Israel in Philadelphia, sought to train Rabbis who would help preserve Jewish traditions which he felt were being eroded by the “reformers” and their Pittsburgh platform. In 1902 Solomon Schechter reorganized the Seminary and changed the name to JTS or the Jewish Theological Seminary. it was at this point that it became the central foundation for the Conservative Movement.

26 Tevet in History

On December 25, 1369 (5129), King Frederick III of Sicily ordered all Jews to wear a badge indicating their heritage. The badge consisted of a piece of red material, not smaller than the largest royal seal; men were required to wear it under the chin, and women on the chest.


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