You, don’t be afraid my servant Jacob, do not fear Israel,
I will save you from a distance, and your children from a the land of their captivity.
Jacob will return, be quite, tranquil, with no one causing trouble.

Jeremiah 46:27


7 January in Histoy

In 1924, George Gershwin completes “Rhapsody in Blue.”

2 Shevat in History

Hashmonean King Alexander-Yannai (Jannaeus), an avowed enemy of the Jewish sages, died on this date. So great was his cruelty and the ruthlessness with which he persecuted the Sages and those loyal to them (some 50,000 were killed in the years 82-76 BCE), that the day of his death was declared a holiday.

8 January in History

In 1598, Expulsion of the Jews from Genoa, Italy.

3 Shevat in History

Shevat 3 is the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of Rabbi Yosef ben Rabbi Menachem Kalisch zt”l, the Amshinover Rebbe, in 1935.