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It happened to Miriam the daughter of Bilgah that she became an apostate, and was married to an officer of the Greek kingdom.

When the Greeks entered the Temple (durning the Chanukah  time period), she took her sandal and knocked on the altar, and said: Lucus, Lucus, how long will you destroy the money of Israel, if you cannot help them in their trouble?

When the sages heard this, they fastened down their ring and blocked up the window (decreasing the honor they had in their chamber in the Temple).

Sukkah Chapter 5



10 January in History

In 1276, Pope Gregory X passed away. During his papacy Gregory acquiesced to a request by the Jews and issued a bill “which ordained that they were not to be made by brute force to undergo baptism, and that no injury was to be inflicted upon their person or their property.”

10 January in History

Today marks the passing of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Alter (1847-1905), the second Rebbe in the Chassidic dynasty of Ger — known for his famed Chassidic work “Sefat Emmet” — passed away on the 5th of Shevat of the year 5665 from creation (1905). He was succeeded by his son, Rabbi Abraham Mordechai.

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