According to others, the order of Bilgah (who were priests in the Temple and who had a daughter who became an apostate) was always late to come to the service (and that is why their chamber was disgraced as mentioned in yesterday’s post).

Sukkah Chapter 5


11 January in History

In 1928, birthdate of David Wolper  who was an award-winning movie and television producer best known for the groundbreaking mini-series Roots.

6 Tevet in History

The governor of Majorca issued an edict for the protection of the Jewish inhabitants, providing that any citizen who injures a Jew will be hanged.

The advantageous position of the islands, as well as their newly found protection, attracted many Jews from Provence, Sicily, Tunis, and Algiers, amongst other African cities. The Jews even had their own organizations and representatives by sanction of the King.