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Rav Papa’s guest asked him, “An egg which was laid on Shabbat, can it be used on Yom Tov (festivals)?”

He said to him, “Leave today and come back tomorrow.” ┬áThe next day he answered him.

Why did Rav Papa not answer on the first day?  Since it was the afternoon of the Sabbath, he did not want to set a precedent of answering legal questions, since one may be intoxicated in the afternoon of the Sabbath.

Beitza Chapter 1


16 January in History

In 1120, the Council of Nablus is held, establishing the earliest surviving written laws of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. This is the same Nablus that will be a Fatah stronghold at the end of the 20th Century and the same Jerusalem that is the capital of modern day Israel.

11 Shevat in History

In 1510, three years after the request by the Council of Colmar, Emperor Maximilian I granted permission to expel the Jews of Colmar, Germany. The community exerted every effort to secure the repeal of the decree of banishment. With the help of Rabbi Joselman of Rosheim, the leader of the Alsatian Jews, the enforcement of the decree was postponed until S. George’s Day of 1512.

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