A disciple taught in the presence of Rabina: “Who sanctified Israel, the Sabbath, and the festivals,” and Rabina rejoined: Does Israel then sanctify the Sabbath? The Sabbath is itself holy: Rather, say: “Who sanctified the Sabbath, Israel, and the festivals.”

Said R. Jose: The Halakha prevails according to Rabbi as interpreted by Rabina.

Beitzah Chapter 2


30 January in History

In 1893, today is the birthdate of Rabbi Yitzhak-Meir Levin a Haredi, politician, member of the Kensett and one of 37 people to sign the Israeli declaration of independence.

25 Shevat in History

Passing of Rabbi Israel Lipkin (1810-1883), known as “Rabbi Israel Salanter,” founder of the “Mussar” (ethicist) movement.