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Three circumstances cause a man to remember his sins, for fear that his misdeeds might cause a tragedy: when he passes by an insecure wall, when he thinks deeply of how his prayer has been answered, and when he invokes divine judgment on his neighbor.

As R. Abhin says: Whoso calls down divine judgment on his neighbor is punished first. We find in the case of Sarah, who said [Gen. xvi. 5] to Abraham: “I suffer wrong through you, may the Lord judge between me and you.” And shortly after we read (that she died): “And Abraham came to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her” [Gen. xxiii. 2]

Rosh Hashana Chapter 1


6 March in History

In 1836, the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, fell to Mexican forces after a 13-day siege. Antony Wolfe, a young Englishman, was reportedly the only Jew who fought and died at the Alamo.

30 Adar in History

Today is the first of the two Rosh Chodesh (“Head of the Month”) days for the month of “Adar II” (when a month has 30 days, both the last day of the month and the first day of the following month serve as the following month’s Rosh Chodesh).

Today marks the passing of Rav Yitzchak Isaac of Zhidachov (1804-1872), a descendent of the Tosfos Yomtov and the nephew and successor of Rav Zvi Hirsch of Zhidachov. One of his four sons became the first Rebbe of Komarna dynasty.

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