The school of Hillel says: The Merciful One inclines (the scale of justice) to the side of mercy, and of this third class of men (who were destined to for purgatory) David says [Psalms, cxvi. 1]: “It is lovely to me that the Lord hears my voice”; in fact, David applies to them the Psalm mentioned down to the words, “You have delivered my soul from death” [ibid. 8].

Rosh Hashana Chapter 1


22 March in History
In 1929, a month long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Tel Aviv beings with a Purim Carnival.

16 Adar in History

Agrippa I, appointed by the Roman Emperor to rule over Judea, was pious and kind to his subjects. During his reign, the Jews began to prosper and live comfortably. The Sages of the time accorded him great respect.

Agrippa I started construction to repair, broaden and heighten the walls around Jerusalem. The Romans, wary of the Jews’ rising prosperity, placed many obstacles in his way. Nonetheless, the wall was completed, though the finished product was not as magnificent as originally planned.

The 16th of Adar, the day when the construction commenced, was instituted to be a joyous day.