Early there was a statement that said, “Jews who sin with their body are destined to gehinam.”

What is meant by sinning with ones body? For a Jew, it is not placing Tefilin. For non-Jews, it is by committing the sin of adultery.

Rosh Hashana Chapter 1


27 March in History

In 1847, today is the birthdate of German born chemist Otto Wallach. In 1910, he won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

21 Adar in History

In the course of a fight with a Christian fisherman, a Jew dealt him a blow which led to his death. The infuriated Christians of Narbonne, France, started rioting and attacking the Jewish community.

The governor of Narbonne, Don Aymeric, quickly intervened, and dispatched a contingent of soldiers to protected the Jewish community. The riot was immediately halted and all the spoils stolen during the riots were returned to the Jews. The 21st of Adar was recorded as “Purim Narbonne,” a day when the community annually celebrated this historic event.