When a father and son have seen the new moon, they must both go to the Beth Din, not that they may act together as witnesses, but in order that, should the evidence of either of them be invalidated, the other may join to give evidence with another witness.

Rosh Hashanah Chapter 1


7 April in History

In 1486, the first prayer book (Siddur) was printed in Italy by Soncino. This was the only time that the Siddur was published during the 15th century. For the most part hand copied manuscripts (of which there were plenty) continued to be used.

3 Nisan in History

Following the procedure God prescribed (Numbers 8:5-22), Moses inducted the Levites into Tabernacle service on this day in 1312 BCE. The induction ceremony included sprinkling them with the ashes of the Red Heifer which was prepared the day beforehand.