After teaching Judaic Studies at the Middle School and Elementary school level and writing for several years, I now find myself working in the e-learning section of the high-tech world. I decided to start the Jewish Almanac as a way to focus my learning on the history of our people by learning the great leaders and events that shape our national consciousness, and to share passages from the Talmud that focus on moral and ethical ideas. I find that these ideas are best understood as one drop at a time. As Rabbi Akiva famously remarked, one drop of water at a time can hollow out a rock, so can the words of Torah make an impression on our hearts.

The Jewish Almanac is collected from a cross section of the web.

There are really too many sources to count and not enough time to give credit where credit is due, but here are the places that I usually turn to, some of which in turn do not quote sources, or quote primary sources directly:

I hope you enjoy.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions.