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For a person who has the light of faith shine on himself in all its purity, such a person loves all of creation with an unmeasurable love.

All that such a person sees are ways for humanity to be exalted and corrected; the pathways for this correction are filled with ethics and are upright, in proportion with the degree faith appears in his heart.

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaKohen Kook


25 August in History

In 1530, today was the birthdate of Tsar Ivan IV, known to history as Ivan the Terrible. In keeping with Russian policy, few Jews were permitted in Russia and those that came on trading missions from Poland were often treated roughly. In 1563 Ivan conquered a Lithuanian city (Polotsk) and gave the Jews the choice of converting to Russian Orthodoxy or death. In carrying out his threat, Ivan had holes drilled in the ice of the nearby river and shoved three hundred Jewish men, women and children to their death.

15 Elul in History

Today marks the passing of Rabbi Akiva Eger, in 1837. He was a scholar and expert in matters of Jewish law. His opinions are weighted heavily in deciding matters of Jewsih law.

He was born with the last name Guns. As a child prodigy, he studied with his uncle, Rabbi Wolf Eger, who’s surname he adopted out of respect.

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