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In Exodus the Manna is described as, “bread from heaven “; and in Numbers, “made cakes of it “; and elsewhere in Numbers “[the people] ground it.”

How can these be reconciled?

For the righteous, there was bread ready; as for the rest, they made cakes of the flour; and the wicked had to grind it.

Yoma Chapter 8


29 July in History

In 1942, Rav Shlomo Chanoch Rabinowitz, the 4th and last Rebbe of Radomsk, perished with his family in the Warsaw Ghetto. He was known for the network of Yeshivos Keser Torah he had established throughout Poland and Galicia. The Radomsker Chassidim during the period between the two World Wars, were counted among the three largest Chassidic movements in Poland.

18 Av in History

In 1881, the first ships containing large numbers of Russian Jews arrived in New York following pogroms in Russia. This was the beginning of mass immigration to the U.S. during that would change the face of the American Jewish Community. The great waves of immigration would slow with World War I and come to a halt during the 1920’s when an isolationism, nativism and racism closed the doors of America to most immigrants.

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