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The disciples of R. Ishmael taught, “If this hideousness (your evil inclination) has attacked you, take it to the house of learning.

If it is a stone it will be ground to powder, and if it is iron it will be split to pieces.

“If a stone, it will be ground to powder.” as it is written [Is. lv. 1]: “Every one of you that is thirsty, come to water” (since Torah is compared to Torah); and it is written [Job, xiv. 19]: “Water wears out stones.”

“And of iron, it will be split into pieces,” as it is written [Jeremiah, xxiii. 29] “Is not my word like the fire? says God, and like a hammer that splits the rock?”

Sukkah Chapter 5


28 December in History

In 2008, the Israeli Air Force today blew up 40 tunnels that have been used to smuggle arms and terrorists into Gaza. In addition, these tunnels have been important for shoring up Hamas economically. In return for being allowed to open and operate tunnels, Palestinians were forced to pay exorbitant sums to Hamas, which aided the terrorist organization’s military capabilities.

21 Tevet in History

Shimon, the second son of Jacob and Leah and the progenitor of the Israelite tribe of Shimon, was born on Tevet 21 (according to another opinion, on Tevet 28), of the year 2194 from creation (1567 BCE), nine years after Jacob’s arrival in Charan.

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