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The Mishna (stated a rule where an uncovered water cannot be used as part of the water libation since it is not clean) is based on the verse in Malachi [i. 8]: “Present it to your governor, will he be pleased with you?, or receive you with favor?

Says the Lord of hosts.

Sukkah Chapter 4


5 December in History

King Manuel I of portugal proclaimed an Edict which demanded the Jews convert to Catholicism or leave the country. However, fearing most Jews would leave rather then convert, the Crown closed the ports, thus halting any potential Jewish sea escape.

28 Kislev in History

Rav Avraham Ravigo (1714). Born in Modena, Italy, he became highly esteemed as both a supporter of Torah and as a great Torah scholar himself. He and a party of 25 set sail from Livorno, Italy, for the Land of Israel in 1702. When they arrived in Jerusalem, his wife, daughter, and closest disciple died in a plague.

He opened a yeshiva; among the ten Rabbanim who learned there was the son-in-law of Rav Yehudah HaChasid. After the passing of Rav Rav Moshe ben Chaviv, Rav Avraham was appointed Rishon Letzion (Chief Rabbi). However, he passed away during one of his trips abroad trying to raise funds.

His student, Rav Mordechai ben Yehudah Leib Ashkenazi, wrote Eshel Avraham on the Zohar and other Kabalistic teachings that he received from Rav Avraham.

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