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Son of man,
Take one branch  and write on it “For Judah” for Israel and his companions.

Take another branch and write on it “For Yosef;” a branch for Efraim and his companions, the house of Israel.

Bring them one to another, as one branch, and they will become one branch in your hand.

Ezekiel  37:16-17


10 December in History

In 1898, the Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the Spanish-American War. Following the war, a number of Jewish veterans settled in Cuba. By 1904, they were able to establish a synagogue in Havana.

3 Tevet in History

Today marks the passing of Rav Yechezkel Ezra Yehoshua, Rav of the Iraqi community in Yerushalayim (1941).

11 December in History

In 1937, at Yeshiva College, Governor Frank Murphy of Michigan speaks at the opening session of a two-day national conference of Jewish organizations which is attended by more than 600 delegates. Dr. Bernard Revel, President of Yeshiva College also addresses the delegates.

4 Tevet in History

Today marks the passing of Rebbetzin Recha Schwab (1908-2003). Married in 1931, she moved with Rav Schwab to the United States in 1936, and settled in Washington Heights in 1958. She left this world with 180 descendents, all Torah-observant.


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