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Faith in God is the most exalted thought. It is so primal, it can be found at all levels, even the lowest and most crass. Yet, at every level, faith in God sheds light, according to the level.

Those who wish to become wise, who try to step up to the “small of faith” level, from the most crass and dark, lift and jump themselves up. Yet, this level of faith does not yet make sense to them. The “small of faith” level is not yet ready for them, yet they are not able to stay at the lower level. They are wound in a sling shot of contradictory ideas, until their help comes, from its holy place.

Rav Avraham Yitschak HaKohen Kook


On September 16, 1910, the Jews of Salonica compel editors of a Turkish paper that published anti-Semitic remarks to send a public retraction to every Turkish journal.

In 1977, Moshe Dayan returned to Morocco where he met with the Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister, Hassan Tuhami. Tuhami made it clear that Sadat was prepared to negotiate directly with Israel, that he did not insist on a conference with other Arab States and that he would accept an Israeli withdrawal from Sinai in return for a peace treaty. Sadat would not require settlement of any other issues as condition to signing the peace treaty. This meeting set the stage for the Camp David negotiations that would take place in the following year.

On 8 Tishrei, the 14-day dedication festivities, celebrating the completion of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem built by King Solomon, commenced on the 8th of Tishrei of the year 2935 from creation (826 BCE). The First Temple served as the epicenter of Jewish national and spiritual life for 410 year, until its destruction by the Babylonians in 423 BCE.

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