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The rabbis taught, all are brought to judgement: the poor, the rich, and the wicked.

When a poor man is asked, “Why have you not studied the Law?” if he answers, “I have been poor, I had to earn my bread, and had no time,” they answer him, “Where you poorer than Hillel the Elder?”

Of Hillel the Elder it was said, every day he went to work, and earned a Tarpeik (a Stater coin of 4 Dinars). Half he gave away to the porter of the Beit Midrash, to let him in, and on the other half he and his family lived. Once it happened he did not earn anything, the porter did not let him in. He ascended the roof where there was an opening, and listened to the words of the living God, from the mouth of Shemaia and Abtalian. It was said: That day was a Friday, and in the season of Tebeth (winter), and he became covered in snow. When it dawned, Shemaia said to Abtalion, “Every day it becomes light at this time, and now it is dark. Is it such a cloudy day?” They raised their eyes, and saw the figure of a man. When they went up, they found on him a layer of snow three ammot thick. They took him down, washed him, dressed him with oil, placed him before a fire, and they said, “Such a man deserves that Sabbath should be violated for his sake (by the making of fire, because of his dedication even in poverty to study).”

Yomah Chapter 3


May 30 in History

In 1908, birthdate of Mel Blanc. The San Francisco native was the voice for a several cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig.

In 1944, Germany seizes the Greek island of Crete. The Germans would leave the Jews of Crete alone until 1944. In 1944, the Germans loaded the Jews of Crete on to a ship called the Tanais along with a mixed bag of Greek and Italian prisoners. The ship was sunk as it headed for the mainland. It is unclear whether a German U-boat or a British submarine sank the Tanais.

17 Sivan in History

In 2105 BCE, seven months after the beginning of the Great Flood, and 17 days after the waters covering the earth began to subside, the Ark sheltering Noah, his family, and members of all animal species came to rest on the (still submerged) summit of Mount Ararat.

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